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New in 2018!
The Kettlebell Club Medal

My desire is to assist people achieve real results and make dietary lifestyle changes that positively change the direction of their lives. To help accomplish this, I am awarding a medal to individuals who achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

A total of 25 medals are available. The first one was awarded to Kelly Somers on January 6, 2018. Kelly lost 30 lbs and 12% body fat in 2010 and has maintained her weight in her healthy body fat percentage range for the last 7 years!

When you earn your medal, your name will be added to the Wall of Honour in The Kettlebell Club studio in recognition of your achievement.

There are 24 medals left to be earned.

To earn your medal, you must:

  1. Accomplish a goal that you have been wanting to achieve for a long time but have not done so.
  2. Reduce your body fat percentage to within your healthy body fat percentage range and maintain it for one year.
  3. Attend a minimum of 100 kettlebell classes per calendar year or do personal nutrition coaching with Julie.

Contact Julie at info@kbclub.ca or 905-716-3663 to find out how you can start earning your medal.


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