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What are kettlebells and why should I train with them?

Kettlebells are a recently re-discovered traditional Russian exercise. They are typically made of cast iron in the shape of a small bowling ball with a U-shaped handle and are available in a variety of weights.

Kettlebelll training is a unique form of exercise that involves a multidimensional approach to fitness by working various muscle groups simultaneously. Each training session is 30 minutes long. The intensity of the workout enables you to complete your cardio and weight training in one short session.


Kettlebell training is excellent for:

  • Fat loss
  • Building lean muscle
  • Body sculpting, toning & strengthening
  • Increasing cardiovascular conditioning & endurance
  • Increasing flexibility & balance
  • Building functional muscle


Kettlebell training is excellent for anyone who:

  • Does not have a lot of time to exercise
  • Does not enjoy traditional weight training and cardiovascular workouts
  • Wants to have a fit, toned body
  • Enjoys a demanding workout


Why train at The Kettlebell Club?

  • Agatsu Level 2 Certified Instructor
  • Nutritional guidance and on-going support from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Small classes with personalized attention
  • Timing, length and content of classes are designed for optimal results
  • Supportive, encouraging environment where classes are fast and fun yet challenging and motivating
  • Members have experienced results and a level of commitment to exercise that they have not previously experienced
  • Over 50 kettlebells to challenge all levels of fitness


Eat Well…Train Hard…Be Your Best!