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Hop into Spring Challenge

By Julie | In Events | on February 3, 2017

Jan 16th – April 29th

15 weeks



  1. Attend a minimum of 24 classes between Jan 16th and April 29, 2017.
  2. Set one nutrition goal for each month – Jan, Feb, March & April – by writing it on the Challenge white board.
  3. Complete a timed workout at the beginning and the end, showing an improved result.



  1. No cost to participate – only the cost of your classes.
  2. Write your monthly goal on the white board at the beginning of the Challenge, and at the beginning of each new month.
  3. Receive 3-5 emails each week that contain nutrition tips, recipes, motivation, etc. to encourage you to continue to strive for your goal.
  4. Have your waist and hip measurements taken at the beginning and the end of the Challenge (optional).




First Timed Workout – Wed, Jan 18th and Thurs, Jan 19th

Second Timed Workout – Wed, April 26th and Thurs, April 27th




  1. Nutrition tips to educate, guide and encourage you throughout the Challenge will be emailed weekly (3-5 emails per week).


  1. Each participant will be assigned a number. At the beginning of each month, each participant will write their monthly goal beside their assigned number (it will not list names) on the Challenge whiteboard, to remind them of their goal, plus it is interesting to see what goals other people are working towards or that some people share the same goal as you.


  1. You may choose to be weighed and measured at the beginning and the end, or once per month; however, it is not a requirement to complete the Challenge. You do not have to go near the scale if you do not want to. We are more than numbers on a scale; therefore, it is not the focus of the Challenge.


  1. If you are unable to attend class on the dates of the Timed Workouts, please let me know and we can arrange a make-up date.


  1. Going on holidays? No problem! If you are going to be away on holidays for a few weeks, you can still participate in the Challenge by coming to class three days per week for a few weeks before and/or after your holiday to make up the missed classes.


  1. You do not need to show an improvement in your waist-hip ratio to successfully complete the Challenge. Quite often when people lose weight, their waist-hip ratio either: stays the same, lowers but still remains too high, or actually increases (if they lose more weight off of their hips and not their belly). In order to reduce the Waist-Hip Ratio, the focus must be on reducing belly fat. Proper nutrition, the correct balance of nutrients and correcting nutritional deficiencies all play a very important role in reducing belly fat. I would like to track everyone’s waist-hip ratio progress and use it as one of my measurement tools to ensure I am providing the necessary nutrition information and structuring the classes appropriately to ensure I am providing the best opportunity for people to lose their belly fat.

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